For those who don’t follow the ParentingAces Facebook page or Twitter feed, you might not know that I recently moved the blog to a new server or that I recently started showing ads on the site.

ParentingAces has been a true labor of love for the past 18 months or so, but when I was approached by a fellow tennis cohort about advertising on the blog, I figured it was worth looking into.  So, now you see an ad at the top of each page as well as on the right sidebar – these are randomly generated by the agency that I’ve contracted with and will, hopefully, provide y’all with an introduction to some tennis-related companies that can offer your junior player(s) information or products that will prove helpful in their tennis development.

ParentingAces earns a few cents per view of each ad and a few more cents per click on each ad – believe me, I’m not going to become a millionaire from this, but it is an easy way to help cover some of the costs involved in running the blog, Facebook page, Twitter account, and radio show.  I hope you don’t find the advertising to be a distraction but rather an enhancement to the site.  And, once we get all the kinks worked out with the Comments feature, I hope you’ll find ParentingAces to be an even more helpful resource for you as we go through this junior tennis journey together.

Thanks for sticking with me through the growing pains!

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