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Ever since I started ParentingAces in the Fall of 2011, I’ve said that I hope it leads to our governing bodies stepping up and filling in the gaps and pushing me out of a great gig. I wanted them to provide more parent education and guidance and to beef up their websites to include accessible information for ALL families. Now, we all have the opportunity to help effect some real change. Keep reading!


Last week, I received an email and a follow-up phone call from Melissa at USTA. She was hired to improve the digital information USTA provides, particularly to junior tennis families. To that end, she has created an online survey for parents, players, and coaches to help her determine the needs of USTA’s various constituents. The more people who take the survey, the more likely it is that USTA will create a better set of resources for all of us! Please take a few minutes and go to the survey here!


I guess last week was The Week for surveys! I also received an email from Corey at ITA telling me about a survey they had created to help identify former college tennis players. To quote the email, “We feel there is an opportunity to create a structure that connects this base of former players together. A network of this nature could be built to benefit the alums, their programs, and our sport.” The goal of the survey is to facilitate the creation of the College Tennis Alumni Network in order to connect former college players with each other, keep former players engaged in the sport, and raise funds for the Grow College Tennis Fund and ITA member programs. If you or your child (or anyone you know!) played college tennis, please complete the survey here (you can also click on the ITA graphic on the right sidebar of our site).

US Open

The US Open Qualifying rounds start today at the Billie Jean King National Tennis Center (and will be televised on The Tennis Channel for those of you who subscribe). These matches are free and open to the public. If you’ve never had a chance to attend, I highly recommend it! You will be watching newcomers trying to break into the Big Leagues. You will be watching veterans fighting to stay in the game. You will be watching players coming back from injury trying to prove they still belong. It’s amazing tennis! For many of these players, just making it through qualies and into the main draw can mean the difference between their ability to stay on the main ATP/WTA Tour another year or having to drop back to the Futures or ITF Pro Circuit. Find out more here.

Also, the USTA just announced that September 6 is Community Day at the Open. That means you get onto the grounds and get access to all of the field courts plus the unreserved sections of Grandstand and Louis Armstrong Stadium FOR FREE!

US Open Part 2

Speaking of the US Open, I will be there again this year as credentialed media beginning September 1 through September 6. Prior to that, I will be speaking at the Women’s Tennis Coaching Association (WTCA) Conference in Manhattan on August 30-31. If you will be there, too, please let me know. I am working on my schedule and don’t want to miss an opportunity to meet you! You can comment below or click on the graphic on the right sidebar or email me directly at [email protected].

Other Stuff

If your summer has been as busy as mine and you’ve missed some of our latest articles and podcasts, I hope you will find the time to play catch up over the next few weeks! Much of our recent content is a direct result of your requests for me to tackle specific topics and concerns, including this week’s podcast on all the backdraw withdrawals in this year’s National Clay Courts and National Hardcourts tournaments. I am here to help you get answers to your questions regarding junior tennis and college recruiting, so please continue to reach out with questions and topics!


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