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I often include links to online articles in my blog posts or Facebook posts or Tweets then forget which post contains which link, so I decided to compile a list of them here in case any of you are looking for something in particular!

10 and Under Tennis Dashboard & TIA Research Tracking Success of Initiative

10 Facts You Need to Know Before Becoming a Pro Tennis Player

500 Sets a Year – USC Women’s coach West Nott discusses the importance of playing sets Guide to Tennis Scholarships

Active Tennis Watching

Anxiety High – article about Walton High School and student pressure

Are You Listening? – Frank Giampaolo’s article on being a better tennis parent

Call To Action – Tom Walker’s piece regarding the proposed changes to the junior competition structure

College A Good Investment for Pros

Costs of Being a Pro Tennis Player

Curbing Muscle Cramps

Developing Top Talent Or Hindering Progress?

Expectations of Athletes in College

Expectations of Athletes in College, Part 2

Fighting for the Future of American Tennis: Wake Up, USTA!

Five Things a Tennis Parent Can Do Immediately to Help Their Child Play Well

Friend At Court – Compilation of rules used by USTA

Going Gluten-Free

Handling the Heat on Court

Heat Cramps: Fluid & Electrolyte Challenges During Tennis in the Heat

Heat Cramps During Tennis: A Case Study

How Far Should You Go to Fuel Your Child’s Dreams?

How To Coach Your Kid – Great article posted by Daniel Coyle on his Talent Code blog

How To Grow a Super-Athlete – fascinating NYT article on the famous Spartak Tennis Academy in Russia

The Implications of the 10-Point Tiebreak

Is It Okay for Your Child to Quit Mid-Season?

ITA Summer Circuit

Mentally Strong People: The 13 Things They Avoid

Nagging Tennis Injuries? Is it a Sign of Something More Serious?

NCAA Homeschool Information FAQ

NCAA Homeschool Information Sheet

NCAA Proposed Changes – Report from July 2012 NCAA Tennis Committee meeting

NCAA Rule on Accepting Prize Money – Enacted 1/19/2013

Not So Super: The Third Set Tiebreak – by Coach Chuck Kriese

Parent Behavior Checklist

The Problem with ‘Good Job’ – by Lisa Stone for Huffington Post

The Secret Food of Athletes: Inside the Olympic Training Center’s Food Lab

Should Everybody Win in Youth Sports?

Show Me!  Let Me See It! – by Nick Bollettieri

The Sport That Forgot About Scouting

Study on Transition from ITF Juniors to Pros

Tennis: For the Health of It

Throw Like a Girl?  You Can Do Better

Treating & Preventing Muscle Cramps During Exercise

Understanding the Role Parents Play in Junior Tennis Success

USTA Junior Competition Announcements – Includes proposed changes to 2014 calendar

USTA Rethinking Junior Competition Changes? – post on 2014 junior competition changes

What Is Optimal Training Schedule for a Junior Tennis Player?

What Makes a Nightmare Sports Parent?

What Percentage of 4-Stars are Playing in the Lineup

What’s a Sports Parent to Do When Your Child Stops Playing Sports?

When It’s Okay to Push Your Kids to Play Sports

Where Did Talent Go? US Tennis’s Lost Generation

Why College Could Be Best Route to Success in Tennis

Why Do Juniors Switch Coaches So Often?

Wimbledon Gets Weird as Superstitious Players Chase Success

With Help of Schools, Trickle of Talent Could Become a Flood

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