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It’s been a minute since I’ve written anything about the USTA, so I thought I would share some positive information with all of you!

USTA, the National Governing Body of American Tennis, has been doing webinars on a semi-regular basis since the start of the pandemic. I’ve attended several of them – some more useful than others – but the most recent one I attended was offered this week as a NetGeneration Lunch & Learn opportunity with Dr. Larry Lauer, Dr. Shawn Foltz-Emmons, and Christina McHale. Supporting Your Child During Competition is well worth your time to watch on demand. You can watch past Lunch & Learn episodes as well here.

The webinar addressed parent behavior before, during, and after competition and echoed many of the points made in our podcast this week with Dr. Michelle Cleere (click here to watch/listen). While I wasn’t a speaker, I did take an active role in the chat and hope to be formally included in future episodes.

Last weekend, they hosted a webinar with Glenn and Tania Brooksby, parents of Jenson Brooksby who is a young up-and-coming ATP player. You can watch the recording of that webinar here with the resources from the presentation here.

USTA also did a 3-day virtual conference last week called Play into Competition which included a variety of speakers on topics relating to Junior Tennis Development and Tennis Parenting:

Day One:

Day Two:

Day Three:

Some of my favorite speakers included SMU Head Men’s Tennis Coach Grant Chen and former WTA professional and current Tennis Parent Mary Jo Fernandez. Be sure to check out their Day Three presentations at your convenience.

For a complete list of upcoming webinars and conferences, go to It is free to register and all of them have been made available to view on demand if you are unable to tune in live.


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