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Going Back to the 60’s

Going Back to the 60's
Bellingham, WA

Bellingham, WA

Before leaving Portland, we hit one last recommended food stop: Pine State Biscuits. I’m glad we didn’t skip this one!

En route to Bellingham, Washington, we made a stop at the Lemay America’s Car Museum in Tocoma. Matthew was in heaven! The exhibit was all muscle cars and was set up like a parking garage – we spent about an hour in there ogling all the beautiful machinery.

After a quick stop at Taco Time (Matthew gave it 2 thumbs up), we made our way to Bellingham and checked into the Chrysalis Inn & Spa for the night. What a gorgeous property! Our room was enormous with a fireplace, window seat overlooking Bellingham Bay, 2-person bathtub, and spa shower. The views from this water-front property are truly spectacular!

Matthew’s childhood friend, Delynn, met us at the hotel so we could have a drink before walking along the Sound on a beautiful path. She took us to her house to meet her husband and youngest daughter, then we headed into downtown Bellingham for dinner at Cosmo’s. After a delicious meal served by our hipster waiter, we went down the street for the Bellingham Night Market, a really cool Bellingham happening that included food trucks, live music, local artisans, and lots of piercings and tatoos! Delynn knew people everywhere we turned – this is really a very small town with all the trappings of an upscale city.

Once we had had our fill of the market, we went back to our hotel so I could take advantage of the giant bathtub before cozying up in the comfy bed. The only downside to this place is the freight train that runs right next to the hotel several times throughout the night. They do warn you about the train in big, bold letters on their website, though, so buyer beware!


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