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A Whale of a Day!

A Whale of a Day!
Seattle, WA

Seattle, WA

We got up early, ordered some breakfast (and a couple of box lunches), then headed down to the harbor to go whale watching. Our trip was through Island Mariner, and they did a great job! There was a naturalist on board the vessel who narrated almost the entire day, teaching us about the San Juan Islands, how they were settled, the area’s flora and fauna, and pretty much anything you ever wanted to know about this part of the country – it was fascinating.

After about a 2-hour ride out, we finally spotted our first Orcas – it was totally worth the wait! These creatures are incredibly beautiful and graceful in the water. We saw several different groups of them throughout the day, even spotting a mother and baby at one point. Toward the end of the day, we also saw a Humpback which was really cool!

It was pretty cold on the water – we were glad we both packed our winter coats – but once the sun came out and we passed the cloud cover over the islands, it turned into a magnificent day, weather-wise.

After our adventure, Delynn took us to The Loft for Happy Hour and a mini-dinner before we left to head down to Seattle.

Imagine our surprise when we checked into the Alexis Hotel and found that we had been upgraded to a beautiful (and HUGE!) suite! The hotel staff had left us a chilled bottle of champagne on the bar along with a log in the fireplace, chocolates on our pillows, and a lovely congratulatory note for our anniversary. They really went above and beyond, and we’re definitely sold on Kimpton Hotels!


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