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2016 ITA Summer Circuit

ITA summer circuit

School’s almost out which may mean lots of added free-time for your junior player. What better way to spend it than traveling to college campuses, either nearby or around the US, and playing matches?

The ITA Summer Circuit is a great way for older juniors and college-bound players to get in some high-level tournament play over the summer. Players compete in “open” draws (i.e. NOT divided by age or player level) in both singles and doubles, earning points toward the ITA National Summer Championships. The format is the same as for regular college tennis matches (i.e. no-ad scoring, no service lets for the men) which gives juniors a taste of what awaits them at the next stage of their tennis careers.

The Summer 2016 schedule has been expanded from 36 events over 4 weekends to 51 events over 6 weekends, giving players a plethora of options for competition. Because the tournaments are typically held Friday through Sunday or Saturday through Monday, participants still have plenty of time during the week to train, take summer classes, work, and/or travel.

Unlike in previous years, the 2016 Summer Circuit is no longer being arranged by region but rather by weeks. The weekly tournaments are all being held on college campuses which gives older juniors a great opportunity to squeeze in some of those all-important unofficial visits while testing their mettle against competitors who are already seasoned collegiate players. There’s nothing quite like pitting your game against someone who is living your dream to gauge the work necessary to reach that next level.

Also new to the 2016 format is a “Points Race”. The ITA will track points and post a “points race standings” each week on the ITA website. At the conclusion of the Summer Circuit, the top 5 men and the top 5 women will receive automatic entry into the ITA National Summer Championships as well as a $600 travel reimbursement to be used towards the expense of competing August 13-16 at Indiana University in Bloomington.

Registration is open now (click here to sign up). Players do need to join the ITA before signing up for the events which they can do here. Good luck and have a great time!

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