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Play. Plan. Progress… An Integrated Player Performance Development System For Players At All Levels

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The following article was written by Tenicity founder, Harsh Mankad, for ParentingAces. Enjoy!

Given the novelty of a tennis platform like Tenicity, people ask me, what is it all about? So here is a simple answer:

Tenicity’s platform helps to create an integrated player performance development system that includes the following 4 key performance benefits:

    1. Coaches can provide players with clear goals and training structure.
    2. Coaches can provide players with objective feedback from practice sessions and from matches.
    3. Coaches can provide players with customized training resources, including instructional videos.
    4. Great alignment can be created between everyone on the player’s support team (i.e. coach, trainer, nutritionist, parent etc.).

We created Tenicity based on our experience of playing at all levels of the game, observing factors that led to success, interviewing coaches, players, and parents, and through our own experience as coaches in private, group, and large tennis program settings.

Tenicity 1I want to point your attention to the best on the professional tour and the system that they create to elevate their performance. Look at the player box of any of the best players when they play at a Grand Slam event. Invariably, there are about half a dozen people sitting in their box (i.e. their coach, trainer, physiotherapist, family members etc.). Even for the best in the world, it takes a team of people to help them succeed. Based on my 25+ years of experience in tennis, I am pretty certain that as part of their training system, they have great clarity on their training structure and goals, they are receiving objective feedback and measuring their performance over time in training and in matches, they are getting customized training resources (i.e. their team is providing them with specific training videos and studying specific tendencies of players that are their key competitors), and finally, they have created solid alignment between everyone on their team (i.e. members on the team are all on the same page – the coach provides feedback to the trainer who accordingly designs fitness drills; the physio keeps everyone in the loop on the player’s fitness; all leading to a well-coordinated effort to achieve success).

Our mission at Tenicity is to bring this system which is employed by the best in the world to every level of the game so that a 12 year old who dreams of playing for his or her high school team, a college player who aspires to win an NCAA title, a pro player who aspires to be amongst the Top 100, and a recreational player who is excited at improving his or her rating, all have an opportunity to succeed and gain from an integrated system supported by Tenicity’s platform.

Therefore, at Tenicity, we say our purpose is to unleash the tremendous untapped potential of millions of tennis players around the world to help them succeed!

Tennis is a great sport and I am very fortunate to have had opportunities that enabled me to climb up the ranks and play the game at the highest level. Now, I feel passionate about working with coaches, players, and parents to help provide players with an opportunity to succeed and realize their dreams, much like I was able to in my career.

I invite academy directors, coaches at all levels, players, and parents to connect with me and to join our platform at I am excited to work with you all to realize the mission of helping players succeed!


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