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Junior Tennis ✅ What’s Next? Episode 3 ft. Morgan Stone

Welcome to Season 11, Episode 23, of the ParentingAces Podcast, a proud member of the Tennis Channel Podcast Network. This week, Lisa’s son, Morgan Stone, rejoins the podcast to discuss his life after tennis.

The last time we checked in with Morgan, he was working in tech sales in the California Bay area. He had graduated from San Jose State by way of Santa Clara University and Boise State University with a major in Business and a focus on Marketing. He was also producing house music with the goal of moving out of sales and into music full time. Then came NFTs.

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Morgan is now the CEO of Roo Troop, a Web3 company initially funded by non-fungible tokens that is working hard to fill a huge need in the Web3 ecosystem while maintaining a philanthropic mission as well. Roo Troop has donated over $30,000 to date to Rainforest Rescue, a non-profit to preserve the habitat of the endangered tree kangaroo in Australia (click here for a video on how Roo Troop is making a difference). If you don’t understand what that means, just listen to the podcast. Morgan has had to explain these concepts so many times to family, friends, and business associates who are learning about this new technology and financial ecosystem, and he’s become an excellent teacher!

For more information on Roo Troop, go to If you’d like to follow Roo Troop on Twitter, click here. To follow Morgan, click here. For the Roo Troop Instagram, click here. You can find links to everything Roo Troop on Linktree here. To watch or listen to our previous podcast with Morgan, click

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Intro & Outro Music: Morgan Stone aka STØNE

Audio & Video Editing: Lisa Stone


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