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Dealing with Food Allergies On & Off Court ft. Lianne Mandelbaum

Welcome to Season 11, Episode 24, of the ParentingAces Podcast, a proud member of the Tennis Channel Podcast Network. This week, Lisa talks with fellow tennis parent, Lianne Mandelbaum, about keeping our players who have food allergies safe on and off the court.

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Lianne’s son, Josh, has a severe allergy to peanuts which she has taught him to manage well over the years. However, when Josh had to get on an airplane to travel to a tournament, all bets were off – the airline staff and fellow passengers disregarded Josh’s allergy and his concerns for his health. Lianne later learned that airlines have limited tools on board to help a passenger suffering from an allergic reaction, and she went into Momma Bear mode advocating for policy changes and better education around the dangers of known and undiagnosed food allergies.

For junior players who also have to deal with their own food allergies, this episode includes very helpful advice and tools for staying safe when traveling or playing in a new place. For players who don’t have allergies themselves but may face an opponent with them, Lianne offers helpful tips for keeping everyone safe and healthy during matches and while hanging out during practices and matches.

To get more information on food allergies in athletes and Lianne’s advocacy and education efforts, visit her website: You can also follow her on Twitter at If you’re interested in reading more, here are links to some articles and interviews she’s done:

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    Lisa Stone on 21st Jun 2024

    The following comment was shared on Instagram:

    A celiac reaction will likely cause 48 hours of diarrhea, cramping, dehydration, and/or vomiting. Extreme weakness, headaches, body aches, hives, etc….it’s like the flu + food poisoning.

    The “D” is extreme & impossible to control. My child and husband are both Celiac. We have had to pull over on the side of the road, it’s awful.

    Here is what would be helpful:
    1) Offer gift certificates instead of providing food.
    2) reduce cost of
    Event and do not serve food.
    3) compile a list of local restaurants that offer gluten free menus and keep handy.

    Here are some reliable GFree options (from Rome, Ga):
    1) Jimmy John’s lettuce wrap sub
    2) Mexican restaurants with corn tortillas (no chips due to cross contamination 🙁
    3) Chik Fil A grilled chicken w/ Gluten Free bun
    4) Outback steak &
    salad, no seasonings on steak and no salad dressing.

    Hope that is helpful!

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