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How to Make Sure YOU Are Recruitable with Tarek Merchant

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With the new recruiting rules announced by the NCAA (click here), making sure your child is properly prepared for the process as well as recruitable is crucial to his/her success.

In this week’s episode, we talk about how junior players can increase their exposure to college coaches, especially if they are not among the top-ranked players in their recruiting class. We also discuss several recruiting myths that seem to make the rounds among Prospective Student Athletes (PSAs) such as D1 has the best tennis and all other divisions are second-rate or that if your UTR fits within a team’s top 6 then you’ll automatically be offered a scholarship and play in the lineup. Tarek explains the different ratings and rankings, how college coaches utilize them during recruiting, and what junior players can do to maximize their opportunities during the recruiting process.

In addition, Tarek also discusses his collegiate exposure camps and how they are different from college showcases or combines such as the one offered by USTA (click here to read about it).

Tarek Merchant is the Founder and CEO of IMRecruitable. He has experienced all there is to offer in the college recruitment process which makes him a unique ally in your recruitment process. Tarek has more than 15 years experience in the college system, as a player from 2002-2006, conducting over 30 exposure events (showcases, exposure camps at colleges such as Yale and University of Pennsylvania) and assisting more than 5,000 high school athletes through the recruitment process in various sports.

Originally from Kingston, ON Canada, Tarek grew up a multi sport athlete. He excelled in ice hockey, baseball, and tennis. At the age of 15 his family moved to Toronto. Tarek was offered multiple tennis scholarship that he refused until finally decided to take a full scholarship in 2002 to attend Western New Mexico University (division 2). In 2004 he transferred to Jacksonville University (division 1) on a partial scholarship. Since graduating in 2008 with a MBA, Tarek has been heavily active in helping high school athletes find the best college fit according to their athletic and academic abilities. In 2014 Tarek formed IMRecruitable to provide a platform to further educate students and parents on how to approach college recruitment and simplify the process from start to finish.

Tarek has graciously offered a $100 discount for any of his camps using coupon code: PA. But hurry! The discount is only valid until May 15th, 2018.

You can reach Tarek at [email protected] or find him online at For more information on the collegiate exposure camps, go to

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