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One Family, Two Kids, Different Pathways ft. Hugo Aguirre

Welcome to Season 11, Episode 35, of the ParentingAces Podcast, a proud member of the Tennis Channel Podcast Network. This week, Lisa chats with Fellow Tennis Parent, Hugo Aguirre.

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When you have multiple children playing the same sport, oftentimes you can simply repeat the developmental process with each child. Tennis, however, is different. What works for one child won’t necessarily work for the next one, even if they are siblings.

Hugo Aguirre found that out first hand. His older child, a daughter who is now playing college tennis in California, went the more traditional route with her development, working with a variety of coaches in and around Miami throughout her junior tennis journey, playing tournaments locally and elsewhere, and reaching her goal to play college tennis.

Hugo’s son, Matteo, however, now age 11, is on a different path. Feeling frustrated by the opportunities available to his son in Miami, Hugo decided to move his family outside the US and try a alternative route. Hugo studied and became a certified coach himself but hired more experienced coaches in a variety of countries to work with his son who has the goal to be the #1 men’s player in the world.

After living in Ecuador, Serbia, Hungary, and now, Italy, Hugo feels he has found the right training ground for his son.

The Professione Tennis Academy outside of Florence, Italy, takes a unique approach to junior tennis development, combining technique and tactics with on-court mental training. The philosophy is to get players uncomfortable in practice so they can better handle discomfort during competition. They use a variety of drills to teach these skills which Hugo details in this episode.

For more information on the academy, visit their website at You can also find them on Instagram at @Professionetennis.

Hugo has offered to connect with any parents who may have questions or want more details about the academy and his family’s decision to move outside the US. You can reach him via email at [email protected].

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