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Focus on the Process, Not the Results ft. JY Aubone

Welcome to Season 11, Episode 2, of the ParentingAces Podcast, a proud member of the Tennis Channel Podcast Network. This week we bring back coach JY Aubone to talk about why junior tennis player and their parents need to keep their eye on the process and not get sidelined by focusing only on results. To listen to our previous podcast with JY, click here.

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JY believes players can only be as good as their environment allows them to be, and too many players are being failed by the structure their academies are putting in place. His goal is to help parents put in place the proper developmental environment so their child has the best chance to maximize their potential. Whether their goal is to play Division I college tennis, pro, or high school tennis, there is only one type of environment that can help a player maximize their potential.

Players need:

• Personalized attention.

• Their matches watched by their coach.

• A personalized practice plan that includes practice matches and fitness.

• Their tournament schedule to be tailored to their needs.

• And their parents to be guided through the junior tennis development journey by the coach.

To find out more about JY and what he offers both virtually and in person, visit his website at You can reach out to JY directly via email at [email protected].

Special offer for our Premium members: FREE Zoom session with JY and Lisa on January 27th at 7pm ET/4pm PT. Parents will have the opportunity to ask JY any questions about the junior tennis journey and development process. We will email all Premium members a link to register so make sure we ([email protected]) are in your contacts and don’t get stuck in your spam!

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