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Fitness & Movement Training Step by Step ft. Dean Hollingworth

Welcome to Season 11, Episode 1, of the ParentingAces Podcast, a proud member of the Tennis Channel Podcast Network. We are thrilled you decided to join us for another year!

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It seems only fitting to kick off the year with another brilliant conversation with tennis fitness specialist, Dean Hollingworth, who was our most-downloaded podcast guest during Season 10. Dean is back this season to give you some very practical and actionable exercises to help your junior player(s) prepare for on-court play, recover between matches during competition, and keep the body healthy overall. If you’re listening to this episode on your favorite podcast app, I encourage you to check out the video version on so you can see Dean and his players in action.

Dean Hollingworth has more fitness and tennis certifications than pretty much anyone around. Although based in Montreal, Canada, Dean works with tennis players both in person and virtually and has helped so many of them on their journey to US College Tennis and the professional circuit.

**At the end of the episode, Dean shares an exciting announcement with the ParentingAces Community – make sure to watch/listen all the way to the end! It is a very limited opportunity, so please be sure to take full advantage of Dean’s expertise and generosity. Oh, and you might want to click here . . . just sayin’!**

For more information on Dean and to get in contact with him, visit his website here. He also has some amazing information on his Principal Movements website here. Be sure to follow him on Facebook and Instagram for new videos and other valuable content.

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