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A New Way to Discourage Cheating ft. Tim Noonan

Welcome to Season 12 Episode 9 of the ParentingAces Podcast, a proud member of the Tennis Channel Podcast Network. This week we welcome Coach Tim Noonan to discuss his very interesting proposal to discourage cheating in junior tennis.

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Several years ago, Tim wrote an article (click here to read in full) with some thoughts on why junior players cheat and what we as a sport can do to put a stop to it. I came across Tim’s article in an industry newsletter I get each month and immediately reached out to him to invite him on the podcast.

Tim and I moved in the same circles in Atlanta. Tim is behind the very successful Universal Tennis Academy (UTA) with multiple locations in the metro Atlanta area and has played and coached tennis at every level from beginners to high-performance juniors to college to adult league players. He’s seen it all when it comes to on- and off-court behavior and has felt the same frustration as the rest of us in terms of the continual cheating and lack of meaningful consequences.

Please take the time after listening to this episode to also read Tim’s article here and add your thoughts in the Comments section. Tim is hoping to spark conversation that will lead to significant changes and benefit the sport as a whole.

To reach Tim, visit the UTA website at You can also email him at [email protected].

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