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You may have noticed the recent addition of both USTA and ITF rankings on your child’s (TRN) profile. I asked TRN’s Dallas Oliver why they decided to add this information, especially given all the confusion over USTA rankings and point tables in 2014. Here is his response:

“Don’t read anything into the timing. Coaches (and others) have asked for us to show USTA and ITF rankings on our profile pages for years. We think this will be good for Tennis Recruiting. Since it is easy to find players on our site, we thought our site would be more valuable as a jumping-off place for people to find all information about a player – not just Tennis Recruiting information. We hope to add Universal Tennis to the list at some point in the near future as well. Hopefully, people will use Tennis Recruiting as their starting point for all junior tennis information – the more information, the better.”

It is now more important than ever for your child to check his/her TRN profile on a regular basis to be sure the information is up to date. College coaches are using TRN as a first-stop, so you want to be sure your child is putting his/her best face forward!




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