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‘Twas the Night Before Christmas (with a tennis flair)


Twas the nite before Christmas
and out on the courts
was a jolly fat man
in red tennis shorts

The sweat socks were hung
in the pro shop with care
and the racquets were strung
with a Christmasy flair

The players were snuggled
all safe in their beds
While visions of passing shots
Danced in their heads.

They dreamed about tiebreakers
love sets and aces
Wimbledon, Forest Hills,
All kinds of places

Whatever the setting
Wherever the scene
with Pancho or Stan
or perhaps Billy Jean

A fast match with Bobby
with pre warm-up- rituals
for winner-take-all
(plus TV residuals)

When out through the night
there arose such a clatter
I put on my sneakers
to find out the matter

And there on the court
was the source of the trouble
‘Twas Santa and Mrs. Claus
Playing mixed doubles

I could tell just by looking
at Mrs. Claus’s face
that ol’ Santa was poaching
all over the place

When they saw me, they quickly
assembled their gear
And were off in a flash
with eight tiny reindeer

As they flashed through the sky
disappearing from view
He had one thing to say
which I’ll pass on to you

He shouted to me
And I hope that your New Year
is double-fault free!!!!!!!

Thank you to my friend, Jill, for this one!  Wishing all of you a very happy holiday season.  I am taking a short break from blogging but will be back with a vengeance in the new year.  Be safe and celebrate well!


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