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The Perfect Gift: Tennis Trunk

img_0007I can’t believe it’s already December. This year has certainly flown by! I realized this morning that I’d better start thinking about holiday gifts for my friends and family, and so I wanted to share one idea that is perfect for the Tennis Lovers out there.

A couple of months ago, I read about a new product that had recently hit the market, Tennis Trunk. It’s a monthly subscription service sort of like the ones you see for pets or beauty products, only this one is focused solely on All Things Tennis!

I contacted the product’s creator, Andres, to find out more. We spoke about the “why” behind the products he chooses for the monthly boxes and how he could connect to other product manufacturers to expand his offerings. While on the phone with him, I heard a familiar passion for our beautiful sport and immediately knew he – and his product – was someone I wanted to support.

A few weeks later, my very own Tennis Trunk arrived in the mail. As you can see in the photo, img_0010it contained all sorts of goodies: a cap, roll of TournaGrip, 2 cans of Wilson balls, vibration dampener, energy bars, and cleansing wipes.

But Andres doesn’t just pack the box full of random stuff – he also includes a full-color pamphlet img_0071img_0008explaining each product and how best to use it, even adding coupon codes in case you want to order more of a specific item! Andres has really thought of everything!

My women’s team recently completed our Fall season. As we do every season, the team got together to give a gift to our captain and co-captain. We all agreed that Tennis Trunk would be the perfect choice. Liz and Nickie¬†were so excited to get their box of surprises in the mail and have both signed up for extended subscriptions.

So, if you’re looking for the perfect holiday gift for your junior or coach, take a peek at¬†and put a check mark next to those names on your Nice List!santaslist1


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