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The ITA Launches the ITA College Connect Page

I received the following release from the ITA and thought I would share it here as it contains useful information for those wanting to play college tennis.

The Intercollegiate Tennis Association (ITA) is pleased to announce today the launch of the ITA College Connect webpage, a page designed to educate prospective collegiate athletes on the pathway to college tennis.

Created in an effort to showcase the vast amount of opportunities that are available within college tennis as well as to educate parents and prospective student-athletes on the recruiting process, the ITA College Connect page is a free webpage that hopes to ease the transition from junior tennis to college tennis.

“We take great pride in supporting aspiring student-athletes and their families as they navigate the intricacies of the recruiting process,” stated ITA COO, Dave Mullins. “The journey of playing college tennis is transformative, offering invaluable experiences. Our aim is that through this information and the WTN tool, we can empower more players to discover their ideal collegiate fit, fostering a life-changing journey.”

One of the key functions of the ITA College Connect webpage is the College Connect Tool, a tool in which prospective student-athletes can enter their World Tennis Number (WTN) rating and be shown a comprehensive list of collegiate programs that have a Team WTN within the range of the prospective student-athletes WTN rating.

From this search, prospective student-athletes can explore the team pages of the colleges and universities in which they have been matched where they can see items such as a team’s division, overall record, current roster of players, and coach contact information.

In addition to the College Connect Tool, the webpage also includes a vast amount of information about the various levels of college tennis, the recruiting process, and what scholarships are available to prospective student-athletes at each level.

Designed in a comprehensive step-by-step manner, the ITA College Connect webpage will walk anyone interested in playing college tennis through the steps they need to take to be successful during the recruiting process and find their fit amongst the over 1,700 college tennis programs across the country.

“We believe that if a person is passionate about tennis, has a strong work ethic and wants to be part of a team, there is a college tennis program out there for them,” proclaimed ITA Director of Coach Education, Lauren Conching. “The ITA College Connect tool empowers student-athletes by offering a comprehensive view of the landscape and unveiling possibilities they might not have considered.”

To explore the new ITA College Connect Tool, visit the ITA website, navigate to the “Athletes” dropdown menu, and click “College Connect Tool”.


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