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Tenicity: A Catalyst For Change

Harsh Mankad, co-creator of Tenicity, will be my guest on Tuesday’s radio show. To help y’all better understand what Tenicity is all about, I asked him to write the article below. If, after reading it, you have questions or issues you’d like us to address during the show, please send them to me. I hope you’ll tune in next week to hear more about this innovative training platform and how it can help your junior player(s) in his/her developmental journey!

My MBA classmate Luke and I, through our tennis journeys, realized there was a large unmet need from players and parents for more structure and objectives-based coaching. There were simply too many players out there that did not have a plan and were not receiving any tangible feedback on their progress. We decided to create a web-based platform: Tenicity, to meet this need and raise the standard of player development and value delivered to players and parents.

Below is a diagram that highlights 4 key structural areas of Tenicity’s web platform:


      1. Dashboards: All players and groups on Tenicity have a dashboard that lists their key game characteristics, including goals. This important step creates a solid foundation for a development plan and drives focus.

2. Vision: Tenicity assessments enable coaches, players, or parents (on the discretion of the coach) to both create training plans and measure progress.

3. Training: training resources such as drills, lesson plans, and videos can be shared with key people in the player’s support team to accelerate the player’s development.

4. Engagement: The community section on Tenicity facilitates greater sharing of information, team spirit, and member engagement.

We have a bold vision at Tenicity: to empower coaches, players, and parents and connect the dots between them to unleash the tremendous untapped potential many players have. We feel Tenicity is the catalyst for this change, and we invite you to connect with us and partner with us to make an impact in the lives of millions of people who are striving to be better coaches, to be more improved players, and to be more effective tennis parents.

My email is [email protected], and I welcome any comments and feedback.

Keep swinging!


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