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Super Fans of College Tennis

Cliff Hayashi


Clifford Hayashi and Bob Ruff traveled all the way from Northern California to Athens, Georgia, just to cheer on the Stanford women’s tennis team in this year’s NCAA Championships.

When I first saw them at the Stanford women’s Round of 16 match on the indoor courts of Georgia Tech, I figured they were the parents or grandparents of two of the players. I mean, who else would be cheering that loudly and that enthusiastically at a college tennis match?

I started asking around and found out that, no, in fact, they are not directly connected to any one of the players but are instead hopelessly devoted to each and every one of them. Both men share their thoughts on what supporting these athletes means to them and why they do it in the short interviews below. You can find more interviews from the NCAAs on the ParentingAces YouTube channel.






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