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SoCal Taking Positive Steps, Too!


After posting yesterday’s article about the 12-and-under changes happening in the NorCal section, one Southern California parent contacted me to let me know of a positive change happening in that section as well.

According to the USTA SoCal website:

Because there already are significant changes to the National Junior Tournament Schedule taking place in 2014, the Junior Competition Committee has decided to not make any changes to the draw size of its Level 2 Designated Tournaments for 2014.
Later this year the Junior Competition Committee will be reviewing the Level 2 Designated Tournaments in the greater context of our entire SCTA competitive system. This review will cover issues related to endorsement, point tables, aging up, and wild cards.
Please be advised that future changes to SCTA junior competition and tournaments will be introduced to the Section in advance, so that players and parents are aware of any changes.

If you live in this section and need more information, please contact Ai Takamori, Assistant for Junior Competition, at [email protected].

Also, if you know of any changes happening in your section, please share them with me so I can post them here.  Sometimes it’s difficult to find the information on your section’s website, so I would like to help USTA get the word out as best I can.  It’s nice to have the chance to report the good stuff!


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