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Slinger Bag and Wilson Sporting Goods Co. Enter into Strategic Collaboration

I received the following release from Wilson earlier this week and wanted to share it with all of you. Slinger Bag is one of the hottest new products to hit the tennis scene in many years. It is getting great reviews from parents, players, and coaches around the world. I haven’t personally tried it yet but hope to soon!

Slinger Bag and Wilson Sporting Goods Co. announced today a new strategic brand collaboration. Slinger Bag, an innovative sports brand focused on game improvement equipment will collaborate on co-branded products and promotional initiatives with Wilson, one of the world’s biggest tennis brands and a major sponsor of top tennis talent including Roger Federer and Serena Williams.

Slinger Bag launchers are a lightweight and portable training product that enables tennis players to get out on court to play at any time without the need to find a playing partner – whether that be at their club, local park, on their driveways or in any other available open space. Wheeled like a trolley bag, and easily transported, Slinger Bag further offers players the versatility to store all of their tennis gear including racquets, shoes, towels and accessories.

Now widely recognized as the hottest new product in the global tennis market, Slinger Bag Launchers continue to receive widespread acclaim. In the United States – the world’s largest tennis market, orders for Slinger have reached over $2.6 million in the last quarter alone with around 9,000 launchers now in the market helping US players play tennis more often.

Under the new collaboration, Slinger will specially design Wilson-branded tennis ball launchers for use at many of Wilson’s Demo Events that take place annually across the Americas.

Further, the brands will design Wilson/Slinger-branded Triniti tennis balls, available for purchase on within a Launcher and ball product bundle. Consumers will further be able to purchase a Slinger Launcher through

Triniti is the first tennis ball designed with sustainability at its core while maintaining the high-performance levels expected by amateur and professional tennis players around the world. Featuring a unique, Plastomer core, Triniti impressively extends fresh-ball feel with a durable STR felt for better feel on ball-contact. Combining its innovative ball technology and unique sustainable packaging, Triniti ushers in a new era for performance tennis balls both on and off the court.

“To be working so closely in collaboration with such a renowned tennis brand as Wilson, so soon after Slinger has been launched into the market is a great endorsement of the credibility and potential of our Slinger Bag product. Equally innovative, the Triniti tennis balls are the perfect match for the Slinger launcher in terms of their superior product performance and durability and importantly in regards to the enhanced environmental sustainability message delivered through both the Triniti ball itself and all of its packing being 100% recyclable” says Mike Ballardie, CEO of Slinger Bag. “We are delighted to be in a strategic collaboration with Wilson Sporting Goods Co., and we are planning to aggressively pursue optimizing the synergies between both brands. This collaboration represents another important landmark in our brand journey.”

Slinger Bag has aggressively expanded its global footprint with a team of highly respected distribution partners across 37+ countries globally helping Slinger Bag to become the top selling ball launcher globally.

“Slinger Bag’s innovative products allow tennis players to get out and play, a mission we could not be more thrilled to collaborate on,” said Hans-Martin Reh, General Manager of Wilson Racquet Sports. “Together with the Slinger Bag Launcher and our industry-first Triniti tennis balls, we hope to team up and drive more tennis play across the Americas and forge a path to a more sustainable tennis world.”

The Slinger Bag is available to order now – to find out more about Slinger Bag, visit


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