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Several Sections Adopt New Seeding Criteria

I recently found out that several USTA sections – NorCal, SoCal, Texas, Southwest, and Midwest among them – have adopted new seeding criteria for their Level 1-4 junior tournaments. Since I haven’t seen anything about this, I figured many of you might not have heard about it either.

Here’s what I have from the SoCal website:

socal seeding

If any of you have found similar language from your sections, please post it in the Comments below so we’re all up to date on how these tournaments are being seeded. Let’s try to avoid any uncertainty about how things work for our junior players. Thanks in advance for helping to shed light and keep things transparent.

NOTE: I received the following from USTA Southwest dated May 11, 2016 . . .

The section’s Junior Competition Committee met recently and voted on some changes to take place.
  •  Smart watches or any electronic device that can receive electronic communication, must be in off mode and in player bag unless on break between 2nd and 3rd set-EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY
  • All L3-5 events will have a 3/4 playoff for doubles events that are not round robin draw type-EFFECTIVE JUNE 1st
  • All L5 events for 12s main draw will use a match tie break in lieu of third set-EFFECTIVE JUNE 1st
  • Universal Tennis Rating (UTR) will be used for the seeding and selection of players for L3-5 events and Junior National Tennis Rating Program (JrNTRP) will be used for the seeding of L6 events-EFFECTIVE JUNE 1st.


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