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Quick Update on USTA Junior Comp Changes

I wish I had more to report, but the latest news I’m hearing through the proverbial rumor mill is that the Junior Competition changes I reported here and here may now be put on hold until January 2021.

While USTA is still scheduled to vote on the proposal next month, I’m hearing it may further study the potential consequences of the new structure before putting it into effect. I have to say I was really pleased to hear that and sincerely hope it’s an accurate assessment of USTA’s thinking!

If anyone on the Junior Comp Committee is reading this, may I suggest one additional step: to introduce the changes slowly over time. In Year 1, the new structure would affect only the 12-and-under players. In Year 2, it would roll up to 12s and 14s. In Year 3, the 16s would be included, and in Year 4, it would be in place for all junior age groups. That way, the junior players (and their coaches and parents) who are currently nearing the end of their junior careers and are in the throes of college recruiting don’t have to concern themselves with learning another new ranking and tournament structure that could impact their ability to gain entry into the most important events.

If any of you have done your own analysis of the proposed new structure and would care to share it in the Comments, that would be great! For now, though, I think we can all take a deep breath and hope USTA is really going to wait on this thing until it has a chance to do a more thorough Potential Impact Study.


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