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Our Last Day in Cartagena

Our Last Day in Cartagena
Cartagena, Colombia

Cartagena, Colombia

Since this was our last day in Cartagena (and our last chance to soak up the gorgeous sunshine), we decided to hang out at the pool, me in the sun and Matthew in the shade! I spent almost the entire day reading while Matthew basically hung out and relaxed. It was perfect!

We again decided to eat lunch at the hotel buffet, mainly because it was easy and didn’t require us to get out of our bathing suits!

We ran into Lorena during the afternoon and asked her for a recommendation for a local place to eat dinner, telling her we’d like to explore the Crespo area a bit. She gave us a great suggestion, even writing down what we should order!

I stayed out in the sun as long as I could before heading back to the room to shower and put on some regular clothes. We took an Uber to the restaurant, called Rancho Paisa, a place specializing in the food of Medellin. We split a delicious meal of Bandeja Paisa, an assortment of beans, meats, rice, egg, and plantains. YUM! Matthew drank an ice cold Club Colombia while I had one last jugo de lulo. We left there very full!

We then walked for several blocks to the local supermarket to buy some of the delicious coffee served at our hotel so we could take it home with us. We also wound up buying a few other items to bring back to the States.

After shopping, we tried to get an Uber to take us back to our hotel, but we were having trouble so we wound up getting into a taxi instead. Then, it was time to get organized and pack for our early-morning flight to Bogota.


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