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Mallorca, Week 2

I wish I could tell you I had tons of news to report from my son in Mallorca about his time at Global Tennis Team.  Alas, that’s not the case.

We are still getting very little information from him other than that he’s playing a lot of backgammon and going to the beach during his off time.  Most of the photos he’s texted us would just make everyone jealous, so I won’t share any more – suffice it to say that the coastline of Mallorca is nothing less than magical!  I know he’s playing tennis, but I really don’t know much about what he’s doing on the court or with whom or for how long.  I suppose I might get those types of details once he’s back home and has had a chance to digest his experience abroad.  Then again, maybe not.

My mindset throughout my son’s experience in Spain is to avoid asking too many questions, to remind him that I love him, and to be patient.  Y’all know that last one is especially challenging for me.

Maybe I’ll have more to tell you next week.  Then again, maybe not.


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