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Interviews at the US Open – College Coaches

I had the opportunity to chat with several of the college coaches who were on site staking out the 2013 crop of top juniors from around the world. Rather than post a separate article for each interview, I thought it might be easier for y’all if I put them all in one article. Hope you learn as much as I did about what these coaches are looking for when watching juniors compete at the highest level!

lisawithramseysmith  Ramsey Smith – Duke University






lisawithmannydiaz Manuel Diaz – University of Georgia






lisa&roddickbros John Roddick – University of Oklahoma






IMG_6128 Bryan Shelton – University of Florida






IMG_6115 Steve Denton – Texas A&M






IMG_1695 Rob Gurden – Purdue University






IMG_1590 Danny Bryan – LSU






IMG_1591  Mark Dickson – University of Miami





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