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When Your Son Wins the US Open with Wolfgang Thiem

Welcome to Season 9, Episode 36, of the ParentingAces Podcast! This week, Lisa had the opportunity to talk with the father of the 2020 US Open Men’s Singles Champion about his coaching and parenting philosophies

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As you know by now, Dominic Thiem broke the long-standing string of Majors won by The Big 3 (Djokovic, Nadal, Federer) to win the 2020 US Open Men’s Singles Title. Dominic’s father, Wolfgang, joins Lisa Stone of ParentingAces to talk about his son’s junior development process and how parents can help their young tennis players achieve their goals.

Wolfgang shares his philosophies on Tennis Parenting, junior tennis development, and college vs. professional tennis, among other topics. He is very forthcoming about his two sons and their Tennis Journeys and how his role as Tennis Parent has evolved.

In a new online course which launched earlier this week, Mr. Thiem goes into detail about the various stages of Dominic’s development and the parent’s role along the way. You can view a trailer of the course at

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