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Unraveling the College Admission Process ft. Dr. Pamela Ellis

Welcome to Season 13 Episode 10 of the ParentingAces Podcast, a proud member of the Tennis Channel Podcast Network. Dr. Pamela Ellis of Compass College Advisory joins us this week to talk about the intricacies of college admissions and how families can best approach this very important decision.

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You’ve heard me speak – a lot! – about letting your child drive the process of their college recruiting. However, as Dr. Ellis reveals, parents play a crucial role in the college admission puzzle as well. She has worked with thousands of students and their families to help them not only find the best college fit but also to uncover scholarship and other funding opportunities to help take the sting out of higher education.

Pamela Ellis has her BA from Stanford, her MBA from Dartmouth, and her PhD from the Stanford School of Education. As with many entrepreneurs, she discovered a need among families for guidance when it comes to applying to and choosing a college for their children. She founded Compass to meet that need.

She views her role as a partner with the family to help the student find a college that feels like home while avoiding overpaying for that educational experience. Her team is qualified to work with “regular” students as well as student-athletes in identifying great college fits from a variety of perspectives.

To learn more about Compass College Advisory and to contact Pamela, visit their website at

If you are a junior coach who is interested in bringing in Pamela to talk with and/or work with your players and their families, you can reach her via email at [email protected].

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