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We rarely get to hear from Tennis Parents outside the US, so I was thrilled when UK Tennis Parent Sharon Gaskin agreed to come on the podcast!

Sharon shares her son, Ryan’s, entire tennis journey starting with his early junior years and moving to his training at Soto Tennis Academy in Spain, eventually landing in the US to play college tennis.

She talks about the difficulty of working with the LTA (the UK equivalent of USTA), deciding to send her son abroad to train in his early teen years, and the challenges of college recruiting as an international PSA. Sharon mentions the relationship her son formed with Sara Borwell (hear my podcast with Sara here) in order to help him navigate the recruiting process.

Things haven’t gone completely smoothly, as you’ll hear Sharon explain, but Ryan seems to be settling into American College Life now that he’s into his 2nd semester and that the dual match season is underway.

A big thank you to Sharon for taking the time to share her journey with us. Also a big thank you to STØNE for our music! You can find more of his music at

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