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Taking a Note from Toni Nadal & Building a Champion Human with Marianne Werdel

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Welcome to Season 8, Episode 28, of the ParentingAces Podcast! This week, my guest is Marianne Werdel.

Several weeks ago, I read an article on Marianne’s website discussing Toni Nadal aka Uncle Toni and his approach to developing his nephew’s tennis game. Marianne had shared her article on the ParentingAces Facebook Group, and it sparked several communications between the two of us regarding junior tennis development and the parents’ role in the process.

Marianne is a former junior champion and collegiate player (Stanford University) who went on to have a very long – and very successful – professional tennis career. She is now a certified coach and works closely with the USTA to help educate parents on the junior development pathway. Marianne draws on her personal experiences in the sport as well as her personal experiences as a parent to inform her work with USTA and her own website.

In this week’s podcast, Marianne and I dig a little deeper into what it means to raise a champion human, not just a champion tennis player. She shares her own stories with her parents and sons to help us better understand what’s required of us as Tennis Parents in this journey.

To read the above-referenced article from Marianne’s website, click here.

To listen to Toni Nadal’s TedX Talk, click here.

To learn more about the book Range that Marianne mentions, click here. I am reading the book now at Marianne’s suggestion and plan to write more about it in the coming weeks.

If you have questions or issues you’d like to discuss with Marianne, you can contact her directly through her website here

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