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Navigating the Sidelines with Kayla Epperson

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Welcome to Season 9, Episode 9, of the ParentingAces Podcast! This week, we are discussing how to prevent injury in our junior players and what to do if/when they do become injured. My guest, Kayla Epperson, has trained with Dr. Neeru Jayanthi (who has been on this podcast several times) and is now in practice herself. As a former college tennis player and injured athlete herself, Kayla brings a unique perspective to today’s discussion.

Kayla is a sports physical therapist and strength and conditioning coach. She recently started her own practice in the Chicago Western suburbs so she could work more closely with athletes. She is especially passionate about working with youth athletes and tennis players as she was a competitive junior player and played in college at Indiana University.

Having battled many overuse injuries in her junior and collegiate career, Kayla feels that tennis specific injury prevention programming and education is so important. She shares her experiences and advice with the ParentingAces Community in this episode of our podcast.

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For more information on the specifics of Kayla’s practice, visit ParentingAces Premium Members can click here for Kayla’s FREE Tennis Insider Rotator Cuff and Scapular Stability Guide and accompanying videos.

You can reach Kayla through her website, or by phone at 630-525-1129. She is also reachable by email at

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