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Making a Career Out of Tennis (ft. Kim Bastable)

Welcome to Season 10, Episode 18, of the ParentingAces Podcast, part of the Tennis Channel Podcast Network. In this week’s pod, we chat with Kim Bastable, Director of the Professional Tennis Management program at the University of Florida.

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Kim Bastable is passionate about helping to mold future tennis coaches to be great leaders who think of tennis as more than just a game. She considers tennis to be a tool of good health and strong wellbeing. As part of her Tennis Philosophy, Kim believes Junior Tennis Players who decide to go to college should be able to create a career from tennis that goes beyond hitting fuzzy yellow balls.

Through 50 years in tennis, Kim has mentored and led athletes and coaches both on the court and in the classroom. She had on-court success as a Division I All-America player at the University of Florida, and has coached at the high school, Division I college, and Club levels. She has been a mental toughness and performance coach for 10 years, as well.

Kim holds a Masters of Education in Positive Coaching and Athletic Leadership from the University of Missouri, a B.S. in Finance from Florida, and has achieved certifications from the Human Performance Institute as a Mental Toughness Specialist; from Peak Performance Sports as a Mental Game Coach and from Notre Dame University as an Executive in Leadership.

The Professional Tennis Management program at UF is Kim’s latest passion project. She has created an opportunity for all lovers of the game to pursue their education while learning how to create and manage a tennis program that will set them on an upward-leaning career path.

For more information or to reach Kim directly, you can email her at [email protected]. You can also follow her on Twitter and Instagram. The continuing education version of the course is now open for applications. The website for that is

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