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Love Serving Autism ft. Lisa Pugliese-LaCroix

Welcome to Season 13, Episode 18, of the ParentingAces Podcast, a proud member of the Tennis Channel Podcast Network. This week we take a deep dive into parenting and coaching and playing with juniors who learn differently.

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Lisa Pugliese-LaCroix is a former top junior and college player who tried her hand on the WTA tour before finding her passion working as a Speech-Language Pathologist. She now combines that passion with her love of tennis as the founder of Love Serving Autism, a non-profit organization dedicated to offering racquet sports to all children and adults regardless of their learning style.

In 2023, the CDC reported that approximately 1 in 36 children in the U.S. is diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD), according to 2018 data with a 4 to 1 higher prevalence in boys. This means the likelihood of a neurotypical junior facing a neurodivergent junior in a tennis learning and/or tournament environment is pretty high. With that in mind, the two Lisas discuss best practices for coaching and playing with junior players who may have some type of learning challenge, including being on the autism spectrum, ADHD, or ADD.

Love Serving Autism also works with junior tennis coaches to help them develop tools to better work with neurodivergent athletes. As you will hear, Lisa is committed to helping coaches, tournament directors, parents, and players have a more positive experience on and off the court.

You can find out more about Love Serving Autism and Lisa’s work on their website at You can also reach out to Lisa directly via email at [email protected]. To follow them on social media:





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