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Life Beyond the Pro Tour ft. Danielle Lao

Welcome to Season 13 Episode 2 of the ParentingAces Podcast, a proud member of the Tennis Channel Podcast Network. Those of you who have followed college tennis for a while will recognize Danielle Lao as a standout in her four years playing at USC. If you follow the pro tour as well, you will also recognize her from her ten years battling her way to achieve her goal of playing in a Slam.

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In the past year, though, life has taken a turn for Danielle, finding her in the coaching arena while also pursuing her love of distance running. Is pro tennis a done deal for her? What did her own Tennis Journey look like? How did she handle the transition from college to pro to coach? What is her coaching philosophy as she works with up-and-coming juniors? You’ll have to listen to our podcast to find out!

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Intro & Outro Music: Morgan Stone aka STØNE

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