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I recently had the opportunity to be interviewed by the amazing talents behind the Great Shot Podcast, Alex Gruskin and Max Rothman. We did the interview as I was driving back to Atlanta from the Blue Gray Tennis Classic in Alabama, and I had a blast chatting with these guys!

From their website:

Welcome toooooo?. Another special edition of Hey, Great Shot!! In today’s episode, co-hosts Alex Gruskin and Max Rothman sit down with Parenting Aces founder Lisa Stone to discuss the many rule changes being proposed to alter the game of tennis. The crew debate topics such as the implications of the newly announced ITF Transition Tour, the merits of ad vs. no-ad scoring, what role coaching should play during matches, and much more. The guys also ask Lisa about her personal history with the game of tennis, and why she chose to make her website tennis parent-focused.

Personal note from the GSP hosts: We cannot thank Lisa enough for taking the time to do this interview with us. Her kindness, intelligence, and passion for the game were contagious throughout the episode, and we hope she is willing to come on the podcast again in the future. To find more of Lisa’s content, be sure to checkout her wonderful Parenting Aces Blog or listen to her Parenting Aces Podcast.

As always, the opinions in this podcast are our own, and we are happy to debate them with anyone kind enough to listen to or comment on our episode. The podcast feed is now live, so please share our episodes with your friends, and subscribe to our show on iTunes. Thank you for listening, and we hope you enjoy our eighteenth episode!! A special shoutout to Super Producers Max Fliegner and Daniel Westhoff, the men behind the scenes who make these episodes possible.

I hope you enjoy hearing a little more about my background and the story behind ParentingAces. Be sure to subscribe to Great Shot Podcast here as well as their sister podcast, Cracked Interviews. They are a great social media follow, too!

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