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Flipping Virtual Learning ft. Fabian Spiess

Welcome to Season 12 Episode 26 of the ParentingAces Podcast, a proud member of the Tennis Channel Podcast Network. In this week’s podcast, we revisit the idea of virtual academic learning and do a deep dive into a program based in the UK called Minerva Virtual Academy.

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Fabian Spiess grew up in the world of soccer – or as he calls it, football. After realizing his professional career had reached its end, he wanted a way to give back to other young athletes and found his way to Minerva, a unique virtual school for children ages 11-18.

Fabian works across the entire group of Minerva’s offerings (Minerva’s Virtual Academy, Minerva Tutors and Minerva Homeschooling) to develop relationships and partnerships with sporting governing bodies, academies and clubs to help deliver an education which is accessible, flexible and manageable for young athletes around their athletic commitments. He also works as a mentor to the student-athletes to help them stay grounded in both their academic and athletic pursuits. Minerva places a huge value on what they term the pastoral well-being of each student, putting the person before the athlete. This approach sets them apart from other online learning systems and helps ensure Minerva students are prepared for whatever faces them after graduation.

For more information on Minerva Virtual Academy, here are some links for you:

Website – 

Open Event on the 17th of July –

Instagram –

Discovery Call Link –

You can also reach out to Fabian directly via email at [email protected].

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