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Everything You Need to Know About College Recruiting with Renee Lopez

Renee Lopez

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The college recruiting process can be overwhelming and confusing. This week’s guest, Renee Lopez, works with prospective student athletes (PSAs) and their families to help them find the right college programs then market themselves effectively to those programs.

PSAs must find the right fit academically, athletically, and socially. The cost of the program has to come into play as well. Renee discusses the questions to ask the coaches, the admissions department, and yourself when choosing a college. Be sure to listen all the way to the end for a free offer from Renee!

A seventeen-year coaching veteran, Renee Lopez has been successful both in business and sports. She has been a college soccer coach for 14 years and high school varsity coach for 3 years. She served on staff at the University of Florida and also been an NCAA Division I & II Head Coach for 11 years. In addition to being the CEO of her own leadership development and coaching education academy consulting service, she is the author of an upcoming book on the college recruiting process for student-athletes titled “Looking For A FULL RIDE?: An Insider’s Recruiting Guide” where she has interviewed 35 college coaches. (

In addition to consulting with high school families, coaches, athletic directors, and guidance counselors, she regularly speaks as a keynote and teaches seminars with Fortune 500 companies, sports organizations, non-for-profits, and community groups. She runs a regular blog on the college recruiting process for high school student-athletes and she has been a guest on numerous blogs and podcasts, and radio, and has even recently been featured on ESPN Radio and SiriusXM. As a coach, she developed 3 All-Americans, was named Coach of the Year, and regularly led her teams to Academic Honors, Sportsmanship Awards, & Regional Championships. Her undergraduate degree is in Elementary Education and her graduate work from the University of Florida is in Exercise Sport Science (Sport Management/Pedagogy). She is also a certified speaker, trainer, and coach with the John Maxwell Team, Jon Gordon Company, 3Dimensional Coaching, and Positive Coaching Alliance. You can find more about her or email her at [email protected]. You can find her on social media as follows:

Facebook Private Parent Group for those with high school student-athletes:

Facebook Private Coaches Group Learning Recruiting Process:

Facebook Private Group for principals, guidance counselors, and ADs about athletic recruiting education:

Linkedin: Renee Lopez (also can be found under Looking For A FULL RIDE?)
Twitter: @lookn4aFULLRIDE
Instagram: Reneelopez5

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