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Development: Business Behind the Coaching Business Pt. 3



In Part 3 of my series with Todd Widom, we discuss the importance of choosing a coach who has a long-term development plan for your child.

Unfortunately for us parents, there are many coaches and academies out there who just want to keep giving your child – and charging you! – private lessons week after week, year after year regardless of how your child is developing as an overall player. These coaches may or may not have the knowledge or desire to create and implement a long-term development plan to help your child reach his/her highest potential.

In this week’s podcast episode, Coach Widom helps us understand how to determine whether or not a coach has the know-how to develop a player from the beginner stage through Juniors to college and beyond.

Listen to Part 1 of this series here. Listen to Part 2 of this series here. You can find Todd online at

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