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Conflict Resolution in College Tennis (ft. Tina Samara)

Welcome to Season 10, Episode 13, of the ParentingAces Podcast, part of the Tennis Channel Podcast Network.

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When young people arrive on campus for college, we parents have to do a giant pivot in terms of our role in their lives, both on and off the tennis court. Part of this pivot is understanding if and when we should intervene when our children have an issue with their coach, a teammate, or otherwise.

In this week’s episode, former college coach, Tina Samara, gives us some real-life examples of when and how we and our children should handle these issues to get a desirable resolution.

Tina played both professional tennis and semi-pro golf herself, and she understands what is required to become a champion. On the WTA tour, she reached a career-high ranking of 223 in doubles and played in the US Open Singles in 1994 and 1995. During her US College playing days, she won three NCAA National Team Championships and was the #1 ranked NCAA doubles team for the University of Georgia in 1995. Following her sporting achievements, Tina went on to coach Division 1 women’s college tennis for 11 years and was known for her practical, empathic and direct approach to the holistic development of both the person and the athlete. In addition, Tina also competed as a semi-pro golfer for three years winning the New York State public links event in 2003. Tina privately coaches and mentors many teenage athletes to help them transition from high school into college by pursuing their sporting goals and dreams. She is the owner and founder of Transition Coach 4 Athletes. This service helps student-athletes navigate the often challenging world of balancing study and maximizing sports performance as well as helping find US College Scholarships.

You can contact Tina directly via email at  [email protected]. You can also visit her website at

For a questionnaire with a follow-up FREE College Placement call with Tina, click

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