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Choosing the “Right” Tournaments in Today’s Jr Tennis Landscape ft. Danielle McNamara

Welcome to Season 12 Episode 6 of the ParentingAces Podcast, a proud member of the Tennis Channel Podcast Network. Former Head Women’s Coach at Yale, Danielle McNamara, returns to dig into choosing the proper tournaments given all the rating/ranking changes.

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Last week, we spoke with ITA CEO Tim Russell about the ITA’s recently-announced partnership with WTN. Many of you are feeling some confusion about how best to position your junior player(s) to find a college tennis playing opportunity – do you play USTA tournaments, WTN tournaments, ITF tournaments, or does it even matter?

Danielle has recently transitioned into a new role as a consultant to players and parents who are struggling with training, scheduling, and/or recruiting. In this week’s episode, she gives some very helpful tips and advice to make the Junior Tennis Journey and College Recruiting go a bit more smoothly.

To reach Danielle, visit her website at then click the Contact tab at She is incredibly responsive and can answer any questions you may have. I also encourage you to sign up for her free e-newsletter for some very helpful tips.

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