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Building Your Child’s Brand ft. Joy Harris

Welcome to Season 12 Episode 29 of the ParentingAces Podcast, a proud member of the Tennis Channel Podcast Network. In this week’s podcast, we take a deep dive into the NCAA’s Name Image Likeness (NIL) rule and how tennis families can use it to their advantage throughout the Junior Tennis Journey.

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Joy Harris is a mom and an entrepreneur. While her two sons followed their dreams in football, she is no stranger to youth sports and the expense involved in helping your child achieve their athletic goals.

Joy found a way to offset the high costs of her own children’s’ athletic development by helping them develop their personal brand then leveraging it into brand deals with local and national businesses. As a result, other sports parents started asking her advice to help them do the same with their young athletes. She then parlayed her knowledge and expertise into a consulting business that helps junior athletes and parents find ways to parlay their sport and other interests into income opportunities.

While the NCAA NIL rule applies solely to college student-athletes, brand deals are open to athletes of all ages and stages of development. Since the cost of junior tennis development continues to increase, why not learn how you might be able to offset some of those costs while helping your child learn valuable life skills in the process?

To learn more about how to build a personal brand, be sure to follow Joy on social media:

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You can also reach her via email at [email protected].

Also, Joy has a book coming out the end of August 2023 titled HOW TO GET PAID BEFORE GOING PRO. You can do an advanced purchase of her book using our affiliate link: Parenting Aces Link. By purchasing the book through this link, someone in our community could win a $1,000 scholarship to the university of their choice! NOTE: ParentingAces may receive a small commission from your purchase.

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