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Another [Coaching] Perspective ft. Tom Downs

Welcome to Season 10, Episode 44, of the ParentingAces Podcast, a proud member of the Tennis Channel Podcast Network. In this week’s episode, Lisa chats with Coach Tom Downs who has recently relocated from Florida to the Dallas (TX) area and works with both junior and professional players alike. Tom’s philosophy on Junior Tennis Development, based on his own life growing up playing tennis in Australia, is unique and refreshing.

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Tom ran his own coaching business in South Florida and was Director at the Harold Solomon Tennis Institute in Ft. Lauderdale before that. He’s been coaching on the WTA Tour as well, working with rising player Storm Sanders most recently. In the last 6 months, Storm has gone from 280 to 122 in singles and from 70 to 40 in doubles, reaching the Wimbledon Women’s Doubles semifinals and US Open quarterfinals. Tom has a long history in helping good juniors transition to successful WTA pro.

Tom is married to former WTA professional, Nicole Pitts, who is the older sister of Tornado and Hurricane Black. You can listen to our podcast from Season 4 with Nicole here.

You can reach Tom via email at tassietom123@gmail and on his website at He is also on Instagram and Facebook.

As always, a big thank you to Morgan Stone, aka STØNE, for our intro and outro music this season. You can find more of his music at If you’re interested in House Music, please be sure to check out his social media channels on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

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