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Welcome to Season 8, Episode 40 of the ParentingAces Podcast! This week is all about Tennis Technology, specifically, AccuTennis, and how collecting data can help our junior players develop more fully.

AccuTennis is a new on-court automated camera and player analysis technology that enables game-based play for all players. It can be used by clubs and other facilities to call lines, run drills, keep score, livestream matches, scout opponents, and review play. Building trust in the system has been one of AccuTennis’s biggest challenges to date, and getting organizations – like the ITF and USTA – to approve its use in official tournaments is a work in progress.

In terms of Junior Development and how AccuTennis can help, the technology “chunks” matches into usable video that can be sorted by stroke, spin, score, etc. For coaches, this makes watching a student’s match video doable in terms of time commitment and takes the onus off the player or parent to edit a full match before seeking input from the coach. For players, having the ability to sort a match based on specific elements being worked on in practice is invaluable.

There are also many cost-savings implications for parents with AccuTennis. For example, juniors could play a practice match on an AccuTennis-powered court which captures video and data. Then, the coach could evaluate the practice match for a fee that may be much less than the cost of a lesson.

For more information on AccuTennis and bringing it to your facility, you can reach Adam Sher at 215-989-4312 or via email at [email protected]

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