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A New Way to Analyze Matches ft. Daniel McCain & David Howell

Welcome to Season 12 Episode 34 of the ParentingAces Podcast, a proud member of the Tennis Channel Podcast Network. In this week’s podcast, Lisa is joined by Daniel McCain and David Howell of 7 Shot Tennis.

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Former President and Managing Director of Universal Tennis, LLC, Dave Howell was the creative force behind Universal Tennis Ratings (UTR®). Under Dave’s leadership UTR® was conceived, developed and commercialized, and achieved word-wide recognition throughout the tennis industry. Dave, a former college tennis player, is a certified teaching pro (USPTA and PTR) with nearly 40 years of experience. In addition to being expertly skilled in the mechanics of tennis shot production, as well as tennis tactics and strategy, Dave has years of experience in charting match play and in competition analytics, and has created match-charting and analytic systems that have been successfully employed at the highest levels of tennis.

Dan McCain is a father, husband, dog lover & tennis coach and analyst. He won gold & silver balls as a junior player before playing the University of Michigan on scholarship. He was a Illinois State High School State Champion, as well as a 2-time Florida High School State Champion. An author, former college coach & academy director, he now serves as the Head Coach / Tennis Director at Cape Henry Racquet Club in Virginia Beach, Virginia. He runs PTR coaching education & certification workshops and is a PTR Tester. Dan has published 6 books on tennis on topics ranging from raising a champion, goal setting, movement fundamentals, biomechanics, tactics and strategy.

For quite a while now, tennis parents and coaches have manually charted matches using a variety of symbols, abbreviations, and lingo. It’s a basic way to analyze a match and use the data collected to help the player improve different aspects of their game. But what if there were a universal language around that data collection that all players and coaches understood so that they could all have a conversation using the same terminology? That’s where 7 Shot Tennis comes in.

Dave and Dan have been working for several years to create a map of the tennis court that helps players not only understand where they are hitting the ball (the target) but also their court position that allowed them to hit the shot (the position). By simplifying these two components and creating a language around them, Dave and Dan feel players can now better understand their strengths and shortcomings each time they play and coaches can now better evaluate what to work on in lessons and clinics. 7 Shot Tennis is the best, yet easiest to understand, approach to visualizing and remembering what happens during tennis points and to analyzing how to improve your game using that information.

Be sure to take a look at to see the 7 Shot Tennis court map and for an explanation of the various targets and positions. Also, as Dave referenced during the podcast, you can find the blog about Coco Gauff at

The 7 Shot Tennis Playbook is an interactive notebook that outlines drills, scripted plays, games and the inherent strategies within the universal language of 7 Shot Tennis. Graphic displays of target areas and diagrams of tactical positions visually show players and coaches how to use this sophisticated system to chart matches, train effectively based on recent performances, and track progress. Lots of blank match-charting, note-taking, and record-keeping forms. A great handbook for players and coaches, alike. You can purchase the playbook at

For the 7 Shot Tennis video course, visit You can also follow 7 Shot Tennis on Instagram at and on Facebook at

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