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A New Wave of Online Coaching with Jeff Dawson

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What happens when 3 brothers, all alums of the Yale Men’s Tennis program, are inspired by an Aristotle quote to create an online space to offer coaching from some of the best in the business? Rhabit!

Repetitive actions, becoming habits, leading to excellence – that is the impetus behind this new platform that brings video instruction from top ATP/WTA coaches, current and former tour players, current and former college players, and others directly to you. Rhabit’s instructional videos teach proven skill and strategy development techniques in a unique vlog like style—delivering a fun learning experience.

Jeff and his brothers, Connor and Kyle, traveled around the US in an RV – The Rhabitat – meeting with and recording video sessions on the strokes, tactics, and other issues that make up the entire tennis development journey. In this week’s episode, you will hear Jeff talk about what offers, some of his favorite experiences on the road, and how best to use the site to enhance or supplement a player’s existing coaching situation.

Graciously, Rhabit is offering a 15% discount to the ParentingAces community. Simply use code Parentingaces1 when registering. Of course, you can also test out the site with a free trial to make sure it suits your needs.

To learn more, visit You can reach Jeff at [email protected].

The article Jeff mentions pertaining to extended life expectancy is here.

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