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USTA Junior Tournaments Survey

Image courtesy of USTA

Image courtesy of USTA

To all Tennis Parents, junior coaches, and junior players: USTA has posted an online survey on junior tournaments, the current structure, and what changes (if any) people would like to see. It is crucial that as many of us as possible take the time to answer the survey questions, giving thought and care to our answers, as I suspect the Junior Competition & Sportsmanship Committee will rely heavily on the responses to formulate a junior competition structure and schedule for the coming years.

For those who are happy with the current system, this is your opportunity to speak out in support of it.

For those who are unhappy with the current system, this is your opportunity to say so and to offer suggestions as to how to make things better.

The survey is a bit long and will likely require 20-30 minutes of your time to complete. Please invest that time. For convenience, you can save your answers and come back later to complete the survey.

There is a place at the end of the survey to include your name and contact information. It is optional to do so. If you are uncomfortable lending your name to your answers, that’s fine. But, if you’re willing to go on record with your responses and have the Committee potentially reach out to you for further elaboration, then please include your contact information.

The survey is online at – the deadline to respond is August 18th, so please click the link today and then forward this to your junior tennis friends and colleagues. USTA is making the effort to reach out to us. We need to take advantage and give them our input.

P.S. Since it was brought up in the Comments below, can you please comment and let me know (a) if you received the survey via email; and (b) if you received it directly from USTA or from some other source? Thanks!



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