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Resolutions of a Tennis Parent

In 2012, my tennis parent self resolves the following:

1.  To let go . . . of my own expectations for my son, of my control over those expectations and their execution, of my anxiety over them as well.

2.  To trust . . . my son to perform at his best and his coach to guide him expertly toward his goals.

3.  To stay present . . . to savor each moment as it comes, without judgement, and to leave what’s passed in the past.

4.  To separate . . . myself from my son, my goals from my son’s goals, my plans from my son’s plans, my tennis from my son’s tennis.

5.  To be the parent only . . . to love unconditionally, to discipline when warranted, to forgive when necessary, to separate the actions from the child performing them.

6.  To remember that it’s not the wins or losses that count but rather finding joy in the process that leads to them.

Care to share some of your resolutions for the new year?  You can put them in the Comments box below.


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