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Pulse Play: Wearable Tennis Technology

Pulse Play


I was recently contacted by the creators of Pulse Play, a new wristband-style piece of technology for tennis. While I haven’t had a chance to test the product myself yet, I am very intrigued by it and am looking forward to having its CEO, Andy Ram, on next week’s radio show!

For those of you who may be unfamiliar with Andy’s background, he is a 3-time Grand Slam Champion who hails from Israel. He was on the professional tour for 16 years and won the 2006 Wimbledon Mixed Doubles Championship, the 2007 French Open Mixed Doubles Championship, and the 2008 Australian Open Men’s Doubles Championship, in addition to numerous ATP World Tour championships. Andy represented Israel in three Olympic Games and 4 Davis Cup Championships. He holds the record for most performances on the Israeli Davis Cup Team. Andy has long been committed to the cause of improving the welfare of children and volunteers for a variety of organizations including Crembo Wings, Variety, Bigger Than Life, First Hug, and Give a Hand.

Here’s what I know about Pulse Play . . .

1. Puts an end to score disputes and score forgetting

2. Announces the score for players live as they play

3. Records match history

4. Gives amateur players a global ranking system

5. Connects players with new opponents to play with, at their level

These are all pretty cool features, especially for beginning players or those looking to play recreationally.

The product is still in development and is actively seeking funding via its IndieGoGo campaign. If you are interested in reading more about Pulse Play, click here. If you’re interested in investing in the product, click here. Otherwise, I hope you’ll tune in next week as I talk to Andy Ram about his experiences growing up in tennis and now moving into the Tech World.


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